Basic Sciences & Humanities Student’s Association

Student’s Association

First year Association of B.Tech Students (FABS) :

About FABS :

FABS Objectives :

  • To increase the interaction among all the students of first year, regardless of their branches.
  • To inculcate social and moral values by conducting activities that will contribute towards social services.
  • To conduct all kinds of technical, non technical and co-curricular activities for all round development of the personalities of students. To arrange guest lecturers, to enhance the caliber of students and motivate them for constructive activities.
  • To create a platform for the students to showcase their talent and improve their soft skills.
  • To provide a clean, comfortable and pleasing environment where students and faculty can relax and interact socially.
  • To arrange programmes to develop in students' positive attitude and self-confidence and prepare them for the challenges in today's cut-throat competition.
  • To form various clubs and gather the students of common interest under one roof to make them aware of the importance of Team Work and team.
  • Building activities to arrange various educational programmes, workshops and training sessions for the students to develop in them diverse skills like Time & Stress Management skills, Problem Solving skills, team Building skills etc.
  • To arrange cultural programmes to preserve the morals and values of our culture and develop respect for it. To assist in the personal development of students, through both formal training sessions and daily interaction, in the areas of leadership, social responsibility, self realization and interpersonal cooperation.
  • To generate revenue to help carry on various technical, non-technical programs and other social and educational activities exclusively for students.

FABS – 2021-22 :

Sr. No. Name Branch Post Mobile
1. Mr. Phalke Prajwal Nitin E. & TC. Engg. President 7057779801
2. Miss. Phadtare Rushali Shankar E. & TC. Engg. Vice - President 7558416622
3. Miss. Nikam Harshada shashikant Mechanical Engg. Secretory 9309026420
4. Mr. Gharge Vinayak Rajendra Computer Science Engg. (Div.C) Joint Secretory 8005975806
5. Miss. Ganeshkar Aarti Vitthal Mechanical Engg. Treasurer 9156448281
6. Mr. Shinde Shubham Vitthal Computer Science Engg. (Div.D) Auditor 7447578845
7. Mr. Malvade Pratham Sagar Computer Science Engg. (Div.C) Technical Secretary 9657260248
8. Mr. Mane Ritesh Prakash Computer Science Engg. (Div.D) Technical secretary 7775079182
9. Miss. Pawar Arati Namdev Computer Science Engg. (Div.D) Ladies Representative 9545606183
10. Miss. Salunkhe Sakshi nitin E. & TC. Engg. Ladies Representative 9921443767
11. Mr. Gade Neel Shashikant Mechanical Engg. Member 9503072390
12. Mr. Suryawanshi Aditya Nitiraj Mechanical Engg. Member 8308502783
13. Mr. ChorgeYash Santosh Civil Engg. Member 9511889225
14. Miss. BagwanNazRiyaj Civil Engg. Member 8208887303
15. Miss. Sonar Rutuja Kiran E. & TC. Engg. Member 9130596188
16. Miss. Badade Vaibhavi Chandrakant E. & TC. Engg. Member 7887367064
17. Miss. Patil Rutuja Rajendra E. & TC. Engg. Member 7020911408
18. Mr. Khodake Sumit Mukesh Computer Science Engg. (Div.C) Member 7744083139
19. Mr. Bhosale Yash Avinash Computer Science Engg.(Div.C) Member 9284239315