Civil Engineering Student’s Association

Student’s Association

Civil Engineering Students Association (CESA) :

Civil Engineering Student Association is an organization formed by the students which works for the students. The basic aim of CESA is to enrich students with different qualities to add dimensions to their personality so that every student emerges as multi-functional engineer who is globally recognized. CESA was established in the Academic year 2000-01.The objective of CESA is to mould one’s personality in such a way that one becomes equally competent in all streams of engineering. In the recent years CESA has been working hard to press the students towards the zenith of developing them in an all round fashion and in years to come, it shall be consistent but with lateral improvements.

The governing body is formed of the student with one faculty nominated as staff advisor, while bright and dynamic students are selected for the post of President, Vice-President, and Treasurer by interviewing them. Executive Members (one from each division), and Ladies Representatives (one from each class) are selected by each class.

Objectives :

  • To expose the students to the present trends in Civil Engineering.
  • To encourage the students for team building and participative activities.
  • To link the students among Civil Engineering and Social responsibilities.