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HOD'S Desk

Prof. Dr. Aldar Dilip Sampatti

Prof. Dr. Aldar Dilip Sampatti
Ph.D (Electronics &
Telecommunication Engineering)
Email-id : hodele@kbpcoes.edu.in

Electronics and Telecommunication has become integrated part of our daily life as we use computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, smart watches, ATM cards, internet banking, microwave ovens, agriculture, telemedicine, automation, internet connected cars, automatic toll collection and many more digital devices and communication systems.

To make the engineer ready to design, develop and provide the different services to all the concerned sectors, the curriculum of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering equips students with a rigorous understanding of basic science and engineering concepts so that learners may acquire a full knowledge of Microcontrollers, computer architecture and VLSI and embedded systems, electromagnetic field theory, analog and digital communication, digital signal processing, microwave communications, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and computer network and cloud computing.

Electronics and Telecommunication depart has the highly experienced, qualified, committed and resourceful faculty and supporting staffs. The faculty and staffs of the department are devoted to equip students with the fundamental knowledge and practical skill required to solve real world problems.

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Prof. Dr. Aldar Dilip Sampatti