About EDC

Education is aimed at developing career ready students. Establishing and developing own business is a dream of many engineering students. To successfully run the business activities an entrepreneur or entrepreneurs has to have qualities to improve, innovate, and invent. To facilitate improvisation, innovation and invention the Institution has created an ecosystem for creation and transfer of knowledge. Various committees functioning in the institute act as partners in development of ecosystem.

The ecosystem developed in the KBPCOES provides a conducive atmosphere, necessary for acquiring skills to

  • Develop technological ideas.
  • Convert them into the product(s).
  • Convert products into business.

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

  • Promote the spirit of entrepreneurship by organising entrepreneurship awareness camps
  • Create opportunities to interact with successful entrepreneurs
  • Provide opportunities to work on live industry projects
  • Promote participation in project competitions
  • Provide high end industrial training to support technology startups
  • Help innovators to develop new products
  • Promote technology start-ups
  • Provide co-working space for young entrepreneurs for promotion of startups
  • Provide strong mentorship to those who want to set up their own company
  • Provide support for IPR and technology management
  • Create mechanism for access to risk capital to startups

  •    Important activities:

  • Project based learning is promoted in the institute
  • Students participate in innovative projects competitions
  • Workshops related to IPR are conducted
  • Faculty members are participating in Faculty Development Programmes on Entrepreneurship Development
  • Opportunities are created for students to interact with successful entrepreneurs through guest lectures, industrial visits, live industry projects, vocational training etc.
  • Students participate in organisation of industrial product exhibition organized by Manufacturer’s Association, Satara, Builders Association Satara
  • Entrepreneurship awareness camps and guest lectures are organized
  • High end industrial training is provided
  • Establishment of Center for Invention Innovation and Incubation:

    Although in informal manner, the activities carried out over number of years has resulted in many alumni establishing their own successful businesses, considering the need of formal support, Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, the parent trust of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College of Engineering, in partnership with Tata Technologies and Science and Technology Park has established Yashwantrao Chavan Centre for Invention, Innovation and Incubation (CIII). The total investment is more than Rs. 200 million. CIII is an initiative to create Entrepreneurs and Industry ready resources by helping innovators to

  • Develop/improve new products or processes
  • Promote technology start-ups
  • Provide co-working space to young entrepreneurs for promotion of startups
  • Provide strong mentorship to invent new products, services and processes
  • Provide support for IPR and technology management
  • Create mechanism for access to risk capital to startups like Seed funding, Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Private Equity, etc.
  • CIII has Technology and R&D centre, Exploration centre, Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Co-working space, Incubation centre and Mentorship programme. It provides mentorship from industry experts by leveraging advanced tools related to product design and development. Centre has the necessary facilities like setups to experiment with advanced automobiles, commercial robot, commercial software and hardware required for design and analysis, 3D scanner, 3D printer, VMC; which will help build prototype and for batch production.

    As a part of this important initiative, Institution has build partnership with ecosystem players by having close association with industries and entrepreneurs. Institution has signed MOU with regional communities like manufacturing association, builders association, and individual organizations.

    Thus budding engineers from institutions have been targeted and motivated to start own business. Ongoing activities will result in startups registering with incubation centre and continuing their development of product. Hopefully these will come out with successful product, mature with the time and convert in successful business.

    EDC Coordinator
    Dr. H. A. Mandave
    Contact No.: 9881484959